Sugar factory
sugar refinery

Sugar factory straddling at the southeastern border of the urban Sládkovičovo, has had several construction phases, since its establishment in 1867. Currently at the complex there is the logical arrangement of objects according to their function. The existence of these production facilities and supportive structures refers today to a coherent alignment of manufactories situated in a place where there were buildings existed in synergy and were constituted together in one inseparable unit. Production facilities were located in the central part of the complex and supportive structures such as warehouses, workshops and administrative buildings were located around the periphery of the complex.
Present manufacturing unit in the center of the complex of objects such as – vats, power station, refineries and limekiln represents functionalism phase of construction during 1935–1938 with modifications and completion from 1970s to 1980s.
Objects of sugar factory complex such as granary, warehouse and workshop of agricultural machines were secondary objects serving to maintain the operation. Although the objects have not been built at the same time, they are all situated around the perimeter of the main area of production facilities, due to their function. In a separate section on the northwest edge of the area there are later built objects of cannery with large freezer, as additional production facilities to the ongoing production of sugar.
Buildings located in the northern part of the sugar factory complex – office building, casino, apartment building for clerks and management and the lodge served as administrative and residential facilities of sugar factory. Almost all objects have besides the primary also an additional function – mainly residential (apartments for clerks). Situated on the edge of the sugar factory right next to the main entrance these buildings pointed to the definition of the functional parts of the area. Unique architectural and artistic additions of the buildings, particularly administrative building standing next to the Casino, added representative element of the sugar factory and at the same time presented wealth of the builder – Karl Kuffner, Baron de Diószegh.
Petra Kalová, Jana Váňová